Virogreen India Pvt Ltd provides impeccable solution when it comes to e-waste recycling. We are among few Electronic E-waste management and recyclingplants in India who actually practise ‘Pyrolysis Technology’ in recycling wastes. Getting the job done is not our only priority as we also focus on keeping the environment safe from toxic contamination. Through our recycling process you will also get raw materials back from wastes for remanufacturing.

All kinds of solution under a single roof:

Recycling and Disposal of electronic waste:

Our service comes with a promise of efficient recycling of monitors, printers, motherboards,and other electronic wired products. Our upgraded technique can help you extraction of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum along with base metal such as copper, aluminium and iron from your own organizational e-wastes. Post recycling disposal also adheres to the CPCB guidelines for a safe practise.

Electrical waste recycling:

We recycle all electrical equipment such as TV, mobile, refrigerator, Air conditioner, microwave, mercury-based lamps, batteries, etc. Not only that, we can help you recover more than 70% parts of those waste products and make them suitable to be used as raw materials for remanufacturing.

Plastic Recycling:

Apart from Electronic E-waste management and recycling, the wastedplastics of your organisation throughour ‘pyrolysis Technology’ can experience most efficient recycling. As a non-biodegradable product, plastic poses a greater risk towards environment but our technique convert them into usable furnace oil thus giving you a best return on your investment.

Data erasure and data destruction:

Improper disposal of data can lead to the divulging of valuable and confidential organizational data such as financial details, employee codes, personal information, falling into wrong hands but we ensure you a complete erasure of your old drives with the most efficient technology prior to disposing them of into mechanical incinerator.

Reverse Logistics:

In basic logisticsthe process involves reaching of products to the end customer, but in reverse logistics the end of life products are reverted back from the end customers to the manufacturer. The process of reverse logistics involves collection of e-wastes from the customers through a different medium such as e-bins pickups. Through an extensive process of refurbishing, extraction and recycling, we return all the valuable raw materials and precious metals back to the manufacturer.

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