Solution for growing E waste problem: Dispose E waste safely

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Solution for growing E waste problem: Dispose E waste safely

Think Smart, Think Green – Recycle!

Is electronic and electrical waste (e-waste) actually waste?

E waste is one of the fastest growing waste of our nation’s waste stream. It includes all unusable, broken, or obsolete/outdated electronic devices, components, as well materials.This large increase in quantity of e-waste is because of rapid development, growth in consumer demand and in technological obsolescence.

The growth in consumption of electronics has main two major hostile ecological effects. Primarily, it considerably increases mining as well attaining for the materials needed for production of devices. As well as the second discarded procedures also produce huge quantities of electronic waste. That waste could be reduced through reuse, repair, or recycle.

Manufacturers,Designing Solution to reduce e waste

The shortened lifespans of electronic devicesdesigned by manufacturers, have pushed consumers to interpret working electronics as insufficient or unusable.

Manufacturers are beginning to face shortages of the raw materials needed to make their products, so reclaiming and reusing the materials from discarded products and waste.

In order to reduce e-waste, manufacturers need to design electronics that are safer, and more durable, repairable and recyclable. Most importantly, this means using less toxic materials.

Our Responsibility

Each and every person playing a vital role to reduce e-waste products and make green this world.

The proper recycling procedure of electronic products is receiving increased attention from industry, policymakers and customers alike. This trend is good news because many consumers are still not sure how to safely dispose of old computers, smartphones or other electronic devices.

We can resistor think before purchasing new electronics devices until we really need them.

What is an electronics recycler?

There are companies that will Collectyour old electronics, separate and recycle the materials inside – like plastic, glass, and metals. Numbers of these e-waste products can be used to make many new usable products.

Environment Friendly Recycler

Virogreen India provides a convenient and safe way to recycle your E waste in an environment friendly manner. Virogreen India also provide data security to clear your stored data in their recycling process.

It is always a best idea to turn the waste into a new products.

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