E-waste: Expectations Vs. Reality

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With increasing consumerism day by day and companies feeding the flames by pushing out newer, better versions of products every few months, the never-ending cycle of buying as well as disposing of continues.

The predicament of unnecessary consumption and fabrication has taken a toll on the sphere and its resources. The effects are prevalent, and it is complex not to notice the outrageous amount of e-waste that has involved both land and sea. 

The solution to reducing the amount e-waste

E-Waste is one of the plagues distressing our planet, and smartphones make up a significant portion of this type of waste. There is now an emergent concern about e-waste recycling solutions. E-Waste management company in Chennai is gaining popularity as the idea of a sustainable lifestyle gains traction.

The Reality of E-waste Recycling

Though people have a broad-spectrum thought of how e-waste recycling works, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Let’s take a look at the reality check of e-waste recycling across the globe and exactly how old e-wastes are recycled.

We will take it from the point where you, an alarmed consumer, drops off an old gadget at the recycling unit. The gadget first goes through a thorough inspection. The first thing that needs to be verified is the device is authentic or not. This is checked to ensure that the device isn’t stolen or lost.  Afterward, the prime components of the e-wastes undergo verification. Even if a gadget is in a very deplorable state and considered Beyond Economic Repair, it can still be recycled so that expensive materials do not go to waste. E-wastes contain precious metals and minerals, which can be recycled to form new products.

What’s there in e-waste?

Electronic devices or gadgets are made of a complex mix of materials that include gold, silver, copper, platinum, palladium, lithium, cobalt, and other valuable elements. One metric ton of circuit boards can embrace about 40 to 800 times the quantity of gold and 30 to 40 times the total of copper mined from one metric ton of ore in the united states, and the precious materials can be reclaimed through recycling.

E-Waste Recycling: How is it done?

E-Waste Management in Chennai is practiced both formally and informally. Proper or formal e-waste recycling solutions usually involves disassembling the electronics, separating and categorizing the contents by material, and cleaning them.

E-wastes are shredded mechanically for further sorting with advanced separation technologies. Companies adhere to health and safety rules and use pollution-control technologies that reduce the health and environmental hazards of handling e-waste.

And in informal recycling, men and women and children recover valuable materials by burning devices to melt away non-valuable materials, using mercury acids to recover gold, and dismantling machines by hand to reclaim other elements of value.

Who can help you manage your e-waste?

Virogreen is the leading e-waste management company in Chennai, India, offer you a helping hand handling your e-wastes and recycling them effectively. We convey a suitable and safe way to recycle your old electronic waste.

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