We are best-known certified licensee computer waste disposal in Bangalore, offering complete end-to-end waste disposal solutions across the city to the individuals, industries and other organizations, using safest and eco-friendly methods with an aim of lessening the aggregation of end-of-life computer and computer parts.

What We Do

“Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle-3R’s” is the theory on which Computer waste disposal in Bangalore is survived. Abandoned, unused and obsolete computer or computer parts of hazardous nature have to be disposed of properly before reaching to the landfills and waterways.


Reducing the amount of computer waste produced by a person or a society


Reuse still functioning computer parts or new-life reuse for different function


Recycling is the reuse and reprocessing of end-of-life computer parts

Toxic Components in Computers

  • Thecentral processing unit (CPU) is full of various toxic substances.
  • Lead, mercury and chromiumcan be present in circuit boards. The circuit boards also containBrominated flame retardants.
  • Metal plates and coverings contain chromium. Chromium is for durability and for prevention corrosion.
  • There is presence of berylliumin Motherboards and connectors.
  • Chip resistors, semi-conductors and infrared detectors, stabilizers, cables and wires containCadmium.
  • Older cathode-ray tube monitors contain some amounts of lead.
  • LCD and flat-panel monitors contain copper.
  • The lamp used to illuminate the screen has mercury and the coating inside the screen contain cadmium.

Today, computer waste disposal in India is a thriving industry as well asacross the globe. Being the eminent Computer waste disposal in Bangalore, we use cutting-edge technology, modern equipment, eco-friendly procedures, and advanced Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) facility.

Computer waste disposal in India

DATA SECURITY: High-value contents and data stored in tapes, hard disks and other storage devices are destroyed, involving process or processes completely, so that they won’t be accessed in any way further.

Safe, secure, fast computer disposal and data destruction

  • Quick, simple and secure computer waste disposal in India
  • Registered computer recycleradhering to all environmental norms
  • Involved in all types of computer waste collection and disposal
  • Offering on site secure data destruction through shredding
  • Create awareness on disposal and recycling of e-waste

Hard Drive Disposal

Computer hard drives, containing secure and confidential information have to be disposed of through shredding so that the data is non-retrievable. There are other processes such as degaussing, reformatting, or erasing

Cent-Percent Data Destruction

Cent-percent data destruction service is one of the most key service offerings and value propositions of any professional data disposal. We have robust data wiping and physical destruction capabilities like shredding, degaussing, reformatting and erasing.

Computer Waste Disposal – Boon to the Environment!

Computer and the different parts of computer contain many toxic materials. Those contents may not affect the user while working on a PC, but it can be dangerous when they turn waste, unused or obsolete or it goes for recycling or discarded in bulk for which safe disposal and recycling are the utmost priority.