Welcome to Virogreen, Pondicherry

We are one of the premierelectronic e waste and recycling companies in Pondicherrywith specialized focus on data destruction with metal and non-metal recovery. Our WEEE facility is strategically located in Chennai and providing ewaste services in Pondicherry with zero discharge policy and superior infrastructure for safer and greener recycling.

 “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”-3Rs”

This is the main principle on which Electronic e waste and recycling in Pondicherryhas been survived. Reusingof old but functional electronic equipment by donating or selling them to others and Implement safe recycling of e-Waste through sustainable methods!


Electronic waste or e-waste is described as discarded electrical or electronic devices, being hazardous to human health and environment, destined to be reused, recycled or disposed of completely.


Electronic Waste Recycling and Disposal, Our Responsibility

E-Waste Awareness: Partnering with various organisationsfor sensitizing thegeneral public about the hazardous nature and encourage them for proper disposal of electronic waste.

E-Waste Collection:  We collect e waste materials from individuals, organizations and industries and bring to our modernized and secured facility

E waste Dismantling: We dismantle electronic waste such as electronic devices, cell phones, laptops, computers, TV, refrigerators, ACs, hard disk drives, game consoles and their components.

Data Sanitization: Being a responsible Electronic e waste and recycling companies in Pondicherry, we respect your data privacy and confidentiality. We sanitize all the assets before processing at our sites.

EPR Compliance: We offer effective and turnkey solutions to companies that need to comply with the EPR regulations.

Our electronic e waste and recyclingsolution includes collection of all electrical and electronic recycling substances, till the reporting of entire recycle process. We have developed a well-documented procedure for collection, handling, logistics and recycling of e-waste materials that will serve a one-stop-solution for any business in the cities.

According to E-Waste Management Rules, 2016, the producers have to take responsibility for their products. A synchronized effort should be galvanized by the industries and the pollution control boards and local authorities to come up with the problem of e-waste in India. The relaxation in the EPR Plan is all about reduction in the e-waste collection targets and the proposal to find a realistic collection targets that will ensure the increased observance of the E-Waste Rules by organizations.