E Waste Disposal in Tamil Nadu

Virogreen is a specialized E waste disposal company in Tamil Nadu which provides e waste collection, recycling and disposal service across the state as well as in India.  We employ safe and eco-friendly procedures, so that it will reduce the possible effect of e waste materials on health, the environment or aesthetics.Another aspect of e waste of our e waste management is to recover resources from the disposed material through recycling

E Waste Materials Impact

Waste Disposal Company in Tamil Nadu

Waste disposal has become a serious issue these days with the exponential growth in technologies, industrial development, and growth of population. E Waste management experts and organizations are on the lookout for the best ways and methodologies for disposal as it is constantly affecting human health and the environment as well. Recent advancements in the E waste management have given rise to various methods disposal of E waste in Tamil Nadu


We are the leading E waste disposal company in Tamil Nadu and have developed well-organized waste disposal service using latest technologies and provide the necessary functionality for proper e waste disposal and safety. Our services include:

  • E Waste Collection at doorstep
  • Ewaste Transportation
  • E Waste Segregation
  • Data Security and Data Destruction


Economic and technological development, urbanization and consumerism have accelerated the growth of waste generation worldwide. Global municipal solid waste (MSW) generation stands at 2.01 billion metric tons annually. According to World Bank Estimate, the overall waste generation will reach to 3.40 billion metric tons by 2050. Out of total waste generated worldwide, only 14% of waste is recycled and 5.5% is composted.

Rest of the wastes are dumped in the landfills, causing serious environmental and health issues. That waste could be converted into wealth through compost, recyclables and RDF (residue derived fuel) etc. Although growing e waste is becoming a challenge but  Virogreen has taken this as an opportunity as well as a challenge to repay its debt to the society by looking waste as a ‘resource’ and is creating new business vertical ‘Waste to Wealth’.

Energy Recovery from e waste materials

Energy Recovery is one of the best ways of e waste disposal that helps in the recycling of a re-usable form of waste. Recycling is a process which makes use of the waste materials in order to make them re-usable. The process requires separation and cleaning of the waste materials and re-using them to ensure lower energy consumption. It helps provide a clean and healthy environment for the future.

Being a specialist e waste disposal company in Tamil Nadu, we focus not only on providing a friendly, efficient, cost-effective service but also one which is environmentally friendly, having registered and certified by CPCB.