EPR Authorization

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change notified the E-Waste Management Rules, 2016 on 23 March 2016 coincided with the abolition of e-waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 2011.

There’s further amendment to the E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016 in March, 2018 to facilitate efficient implementation of the environmentally sound management of e-waste in India. The new E-Waste Management Amendment Rules, 2018 specifies for the introduction of Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) registration.

Formulation of special guidelines for the implementation of the E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016 by Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) includes the specific guidelines for producers and other stakeholders for e-waste authorization, channelization, collection, storage, transportation, environmentally sound dismantling, recycling and disposal of the EEE.

According to the new E-Waste Management Amendment Rules, 2018, there’s provision for the addition of EPR targets for producers. The provision sets the separate collection targets for new producers who have recently begun their sales operations.

Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) will do the random sampling of electrical and electronic equipment placed in the market to monitor and verify the compliance of reduction of hazardous substances provisions.

Implementation of EPR Authorization

The producers of a country such as the industrial entities, importers and manufacturers, involved in refurbishing of Electrical and Electronic Equipments (EEE) are bound by the EPR Authorization regulations taking up the responsibility in assisting the proper collection, recycling and disposal of the e-wastes or e-scraps generated by them through proper mechanisms.

EPR authorization makes obligatory for the companies, engaged in disposing of the EEE e-wastes to seek an authorization from the government of Karnataka setting their target based actions for the collection, recycling and disposal of the end-of-life products.

We at Virogreen complete solutions to our clients starting from the planning, implementation, and target achievement of EPR to filling of the return of compliance with the regulatory authority.  Importers, manufactures and producers can contact us for complete takeover of operations as required under EPR protocol. We will provide recycler agreement and certificates for registration of PRO under EPR.

Provisions of EPR Authorization

EPR authorization registration is required for Importers, manufacturer, producers of e-waste and consumers or bulk consumer.

Under EPR authorization registration covers items such as old and obsolete IT and telecommunication equipment, server, computer and computer parts, monitor, centralized data processing system, laptops, electronic typewriter, user terminals systems, telex systems, telephone record & pay telephone systems, cordless phone, mobiles, air-conditioner and air-conditioned parts, washing machines, television sets including sets based on liquid crystal display and light emitting diode technology, LED Tvs,LCD, DVDs, fluorescent and other mercury containing lamps.

EPR provides the required funding for the safe and careful management of the products at their end-of-life so that they can be stayed away from our landfills and waterways. The same hazardous or discarded materials can also be reused or recycled, thereby safeguarding our natural resources.

The EPR Plan under the protocol of EPR Authorization outlines the compressive estimation of the e-waste generation by the company and target projection for achieving the e-waste sanitization under a stipulated period through proper mechanisms.