As Supply Chain Activities are evolving and partnering changes in business models, the focus and activities are not only restricted to management of raw materials and finished goods from point of origin from the vendors to plants and further on to the end customers. There is another extension to Supply Chain Process called as Reverse Logistics. We take care of logistics and reverse logistics.

Reverse Logistics as the name denotes, deals with the planning, process and flow of finished goods inventory, packaging materials and parts of finished product back from end customer to the product company as sales return or warranty return or unsold inventory with trading partners. Reverse Logistics planning further re-captures value from these materials as much as possible by way of re salvaging, repair, re-furbishing, re cycling etc. We have developed supply chain model of collecting the used cartridges and other consumables through e bins prominently displayed with the retailer outlets. The reverse logistics for this particular process is designed to collect the waste locally from all e bins, consolidate and ship out to regional centers which are located at gateway ports in the country. Such consolidated waste is further forwarded to recycling plants identified within the country.