Virogreen India Pvt Ltd started its first initiative in the year 2002, since then it is creating historical service example in the field of e-waste management. With our hard work and perseverance, we have been able to establish the company as the top e-waste recyclers in Chennai and are constantly striving hard to retain the top position. The broad range of solutions of our service in e-waste management, includes waste management services in the field of electronic and electrical goods, plastics plus data security services.

Our e-waste management procedure:

We start by the collection of e-waste from various pickup points such as returned goods from buyers, expired products from vendors, distributors etc. Also, we transport them to our treatment facility under proper seal. Following the procedures of CPCB, our experienced team of professionals enquire and plan the treatment procedureprior to storing them. We segregate the materials based on their plastic, electronic and metal composition. Then it is followed by our complex process of refurbishment by maximum extraction of precious and base metals, raw materials. After the recycling procedure, rest of the wastes are disposed of most safely.

Our primary recycling target includes turning mixed plastic and e-waste into viable products for further use. We work for a 100% recovery of all precious metals and components from ICs, TFTs, electronic board, etc. We also aim for an efficient recovery of plastic materials and a safe destruction of old technology.

What set us apart?

With a vision of providing exceptional e-waste recycling services in India, we deal with all ferrous, non-ferrous as well as plastic products. With a remarkable increase in annual turnover from 3000 tonnes to 15000 tonnes per year, we embark on a journey in achieving the number one position for providing e-waste recycling services in India.

Rather than a traditional pre-decided format of procedure, we value the priority of our customer and create a custom designed solution according to our client’s benefit. We take full care of you some of the most hassles loaded work such as e-waste collection, data erasure, plastic recycling and safe disposal of wastes under our duty. We cover all process required for a safe disposal of e-wastes while adhering to the rule and regulation mandated by the Central Pollution control Board of India (CPCB).

Our success and nationwide recognition are entirely dedicated to our dedicated, skilled labour, management and officials who team up to complete a task by maintaining the optimum quality, ensuring an efficient recycling and a safe disposal of e-waste. With the help of most advanced Pyrolysis technology, we can convert plastic into furnace oil.

Our Future Goal:

Carrying the sole purpose of E waste free country growth, improvement and perseverance of environment, we are aiming for a 100% Export Oriented Units and recovery of precious metals. We dedicatedly work for our client with an expectation for a long-term partnership and hope a lifetime relationship.