The discarded IT Assests ‘s – Way to Ewaste Disposal

New technology always brings new products as well as gadgets from time to time. So what do you end up doing with your old electronic equipments?

Where does your discarded IT asset go?

All electronic waste is made up of poisonous chemicals such as lead, cadmium, beryllium, and mercury as well as brominated flame retardants. Disposing of electronic equipment and devices inappropriately increases the opportunities of these dangerous chemicals contaminating the soil, polluting the air as well as escape into water bodies.

When e-waste is deposited in a landfill, it tends to leach when water passes through it selection up trace elements. After which the unhygienic landfill water reaches natural groundwater with increased toxic levels, this can be harmful if it enters any drinking water bodies. If you are looking out for the best E-Waste recyclers in Bangalore, then consider hiring Virogreen.

Land filling

This is the most widespread methodology of e-waste disposal. Soil is exhumed and trenches are made for burying the e-waste in it. An impermeable liner is made of clay or else plastic with a leach ate basin for compilation and transferring the e-waste to the handling plant. However, landfill is not an environmentally sound procedure for disposing off the e-waste as toxic substances like cadmium; lead and mercury are released inside the soil as well as ground water.

Acid Bath

Acid bath involves soaking of the electronic circuits in the powerful sulphuric, nitric acid solutions that free the metals from the electronic pathways. The recovered metal is used in the manufacturing of other products while the perilous acid waste finds its ways in the local water sources.


This is a forbidden way of disposing off the e-waste as well as it involves incineration of electronic waste at high temperature in especially designed incinerators. This e-waste disposal technique is quite beneficial as the waste volume is abridged tremendously much and the energy obtained is also utilized separately. However, it is also not free from disadvantages with the discharge of the harmful gases mercury as well as cadmium in the environment. TO recycle your ewaste you can contact virogreen.

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E-waste Recycle for Better and Faster E-waste Disposal

People today are purchasing more and more electronic products than ever before. More and more updated technology is being introduced every day, which results in stable upgrades of electronic equipment.

This signifies that the new-obsolete models of computers, mobile phones and gaming systems are discarded on a regular basis.

Electronic waste or e-waste is a term used to describe these new-undesirable electronic products. And the E-Waste recyclers in Bangalore can only help you manage your e-waste related problems. If you have been searching for the e-waste recycler in Bangalore, then Virogreen is your one-stop solution.

E-Waste Recycle and how it can lead to a better environment?

While it is easy to throw away old as well as unused e-wastes, have you ever considered its impact on the environment? A Major portion of today’s world population craves for latest and updated gadgets by mankind, sending away billions of dilapidated electronics to landfills as soon as a new upgraded version is available in the market. And only one-fourth of these e-waste materials can be recycled appropriately. We at Virogreen use effective ways of recycling e-wastes and ensure highest level of pollution free environment. 

E-Waste Management and its importance

Landfills cannot help with e-waste recycling. When disposed of improperly, plastic, glass, and heavy metals present in e-waste becomes one of the major reasons behind marine impurity. So it is Important avoid throwing e-waste in your garbage bins and hire Virogreen – the leading e-scrap buyers in Bangalore to help you with their smart e-waste management solutions.

Recycling e-waste can significantly reduce the need for heavy metal mining as well as green house gas emission from virgin material production.

Some imperative perks of recycling e-waste

Precious metals – do you know that e-waste contains an array of recyclable materials, metals, as well as minerals? This ranges from glass to plastics. And even metals including gold, aluminum as well as copper and one of the benefit of recycling e-waste is being able to extract as well as reuse these precious metals. Recycling e-waste conserves resources of heavy metals and also it offers a better way of obtaining them. Correctly recycling e-waste can help protect the environment.

Toxic materials – The significance of recycling e-waste becomes even more apparent when you consider the harm incorrect disposal can cause. Electronic devices contain toxic materials including mercury as well as lead. So if these electronic devices are incorrectly disposed of then these chemicals can cause harm to the environment. They can find their way into the air, the soil as well as even water sources. This can have a harmful impact on humans, animals and plants. So it is essential to hire Virogreen as your e-waste recycler in Bangalore for ensuring pollution free environment.

It is very much essential to recycle your e-waste correctly. The Global e-waste problem can only be reduced if we ensure proper management of e-wastes. For more information on E-Waste Recycle and Management, kindly visit our official website.

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How to Make Ewaste Recyle Work for You?

We love our new innovation – in reality Indians are among the world’s most elevated customers, however what befalls the old when we swap it for new? Virogreen needs to get some information about what you do next with the old PCs, printers and televisions you supplant or redesign. E-Wasteis growing multiple times quicker than some other sort of waste in India and we don’t need it to wind up in landfill. If you have searching for the best e-waste recycle company in India, there is no better place than Virogreen.

Here are Our Main hints for reusing your e-waste

 One in-two out. While a ton of e-waste winds up in landfill, significantly more gets reserved in organizers, carports, save rooms and retires around India – which means we need to continue mining our dirt instead of reusing all the valuable materials open over the-ground in old innovation. Along these lines, for each new bit of innovation you welcome into your home, focus on reusing two undesirable pieces; we consider it the “1-2 principle”, or “one-in, two out”.

Bundling dirties. Indians sent about 1.6 million tons of bundling to landfill in 2012, or 36 percent of the around 4.4 million tons we generated. Along these lines, remember to astutely discard the cardboard box and any plastic bundling that accompanied your new buy, or that you’ve kept from your old one.

 Write in your schedule. Circle a month, even two times every year, in your family schedule that you’ll gather together and discard all your family unit e-waste each year. Check for your closest assortment site, and make it a convention.

Resurrected relics. Over 90% of the crude materials like metals (counting valuable metals), glass and plastic found in a PC can be reused or re-utilized whenever dealt with by a first rate reusing administration like Virogreen(for nothing out of pocket to you). Thus, your old loyal PC could be resurrected as gems, open air furniture, or in plastic fence posts in its next life in the event that you take it to a Virogreen assortment site.

Tangled up. Those irregular force links from your old television, PC, printer or adornment can likewise be recycled by Virogreen, regardless of whether they’re totally hitched up in a cabinet and you don’t realize which link has a place with which gadget – carry it with you to your closest Virogreen site, and gratitude to reusing something delightful could be made out of it!

Show proactive kindness. On the off chance that your PC or television is still in acceptable working condition, offer it to a relative or companion.

Empower your loved ones to get included and assume liability for their e-waste. Show others how it’s done and help out those that may require it, gather your grandparents’ or guardians’ e-waste and ensure it is reused dependably.

Why reuse electronic waste?

E-waste is created at up to multiple times that of typical family unit waste creation. It can contain lethal materials, for example, lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and brominated fire retardants that are risky, hard to discard and conceivably harming to the earth.

Most electronic waste experiences a reusing framework called a WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Hardware), which not just reuses 95-98%, by weight, of all e-waste wentthrough it, yet guarantees that any information left on hard drives and recollections are completely devastated as well.

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